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About the Cameca IMS 6f, continued ...

While it has been kept in pristine condition compared to the 3f, this has not stopped users from attacking technique developments not involving hardware modifications- including the measurement of nickel isotopes in troilite from ordinary chondrites to verify the presence of supernova-produced 60Fe in the early solar system (Tachibana and Huss, 2003), the measurement of 36S excesses in sodalites from CAI (Lin et al., 2005) indicating the presence of supernova-produced 36Cl in the early solar system, study of 10B excesses in melilite (indicating the presence of 10Be formed during intense cosmic ray bombardment by the proto-sun), and (of particular importance for this proposal) the analysis of hydrogen in nominally anhydrous minerals (Aubaud et al., 2005).